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Future of the Sea

The sea has fascinated Humanity throughout history. The source of life is home to diverse species in different forms sunken city recs and legends.

The infinity of blue has made each one of us dream differently but sometimes our dreams disappear into the depths of the unknown. Just like the hundreds and thousands that lost their lives in these waters each year.

The innovative lifeguard robot Fasty provides remote access to people at risk of drowning for fast and secure intervention.

Over eighty percent of the deep sea still remains unexplored. Many secrets containing our past and future abide there.

Saga sea robots have the capacity to dive to 300 meters. Offer visibility with Sonar technology allowing unprecedented visual access to the deep corner of the seas.

We are ready to help you discover the unknown with high-technology sea robots.

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User's Operations

Naval Forces Command
Naval Forces Command
Marine Police
Marine Police
Gendarmerie General Command
Gendarmerie General Command
Gendarmerie General Command
Coast Guard Command
Coast Guard Command
Naval Forces Command

What We Do ?

We have been working in the field of unmanned sea vehicles and marine technologies since the 2000s, when we combined our passion for the sea with our technology experience.

Upon the successfully completion of the R&D projects supported by TÜBİTAK and EU, we continued advanced R&D and manufacturing activities with own equity and implemented pioneering project in the field of maritime and defense in Turkey.

Umanned Underwater Vehicles

SAGA Unmanned underwater observation vehicle
SAGAPRO Unmanned underwater search&rescue vehicle
DORIS Sporting (Hobby) class unmanned underwater observation vehicle

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

FASTY Remote controlled lifeguard robot ( Remote controlled lifebuoy)
FASTY.v2 Unmanned surface survailance and exploration vehicle
MAKTES Mine counter-measure system

Underwater Imaging Systems

Underwater camera and lighting
Diver tracking system

Our unmanned underwater and surface vehicles, which are included in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, have a domestic manufacturing rate of over 70%. Our marine robots, which have proven themselves in many military operations at home and abroad, also make significant contributions to the operations of private enterprises and other institutions in the marine field.

Our team, which has carried out many pioneering and innovative projects in the field of maritime since its establishment, closely follows the developments in the sector and new demands in the market. While we continue our R&D activities in METU Technopolis campus with our highly motivated and innovative technical team, we conduct sea tests, device trainings and user demos in our Antalya campus.

While inspired by the infinity of the sea, we believe that our robots will blend into the blues of the world's seas in the future.

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